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Band's Name:  Chroma Key
Contributor(s):  Travis Tedesco (tnt58@lemursonmars.com), Michael Menegakis (michael@progmetal.net)
Last Time Updated:  03-Mar-2000
Band's Country:  USA

Dead Air For Radios (1998)

State(Active or Disbanded):  Active
Biography:  From http://www.chromakey.com

Chroma Key is a solo project by Kevin Moore, former keyboardist and songwriter for New York's Dream Theater. Moore left Dream Theater in June of '94 after eight years with the band in order to pursue his own musical direction. In the fall of that year, he relocated to New Mexico where he began writing and recording new material. Four of the songs on the new record, "Dead Air for Radios" ("Even the Waves", "S.O.S.", "On the Page" and "Mouse") were written during this period, all of which incorporate excerpts from interviews Moore recorded with some of the people he crossed paths with there. The following year, Moore moved to Los Angeles to begin working the songs out with drummer Mark Zonder, whom he had known since the early days of Dream Theater. Moore called on two additional musicians whom he had come to know through Zonder's rehearsal studio - bassist Joey Vera and guitarist Jason Anderson to record 9 songs on modular digital gear both at the rehearsal studio and at Moore's house in the Angeles National Forest. The result is "Dead Air for Radios", an album that goes well with long stretches of interstate highway, or with headphones, or both. The album is available through the Chroma Key web site (www.chromakey.com) and in Europe through Massacre Records

Opinion(s) on Band's Discography:  


this is kevin moore's brainchild, the former keyboardist for dream theater. he has always been a favorite of mine and i jumped at this disc when i saw he had finally released something. the only permanent member of the band is kevin. he's auditioning a group of new musicians for his next cd. his music is kind of like mood music. sometimes it's almost etheral in a marillion sense. sometimes i think his stuff sounds like laid back nine inch nails music. it's got a hint of techno to it. as kevin plays keyboards you can guess it's all very keyboard oriented. if you're looking for metal music this is not what you want. his stuff has some dark undertones musically, always an ear-grabber for me. you can order his stuff from the chroma key web site. it's on a label he started, fight evil records, so distribution has been limited.

Present and Past Members:  Kevin Moore - keyboards and vocals
Reference Bands:  Majesty, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Warlord, Armored Saint, Joey Vera (solo effort)
Links related to the Band:  http://www.chromakey.com/

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