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Refereed Papers Track

  • Semantic Web
  • The Semantic Web vision of the web involves the sharing and processing of data by automated tools as well as by people. The Web's full potential can only be reached when computers are better able to process the information available in it, to automatically integrate data from different sources, to perform actions on behalf of the user, and to search for information based on its meaning rather than its syntactic form. This vision requires new and advanced methods, models, tools, and systems for services related to access, retrieval, integration, and filtering of Web-based content.

    Quality contributions are solicited on the theoretical basis and foundations of the Semantic Web, the overall design of the Semantic Web, Semantic Web systems design, and application experience covering a range of topics and technologies needed to realise this vision, including (but not limited to):

    • Information representation
    • Information integration
    • Ontologies
    • Performance and scalability
    • Programming systems
    • Provenance
    • Security
    • Semantic Web applications
    • Software tools

    As well as papers arising directly from Semantic Web research and experience, relevant papers are sought from a wide range of disciplines and communities which have a bearing on the Semantic Web, including (but not limited to):

    • Agents
    • AI
    • Annotation
    • Automated reasoning
    • Databases
    • Digital libraries
    • E-business
    • E-services
    • Hypermedia
    • Information management
    • Information retrieval
    • Knowledge acquisition and representation
    • Knowledge Management
    • Metadata management
    • Software engineering
    If you would like information, or to volunteer, please contact Mae Isaac, mkisaac@us.ibm.com