WWW2004 Performance and Reliability Program Committee
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WWW2004 Performance and Reliability Program Committee

Vice Chair: Mike Dahlin, University of Texas Austin, USA
Deputy Vice Chair: Steve Gribble, University of Washington, USA
Rich Wolski, UCSB
Mor Harchol-Balter, CMU
Werner Vogels, Cornell
Geoffrey M. Voelker, UCSD, USA
Amin Vahdat, Duke
Srinivasan Seshan, CMU,
Mark Crovella, BU
Idit Keidar, MIT/Technion
Michele Colajanni, University of Modena, Italy
Ernst W. Biersack, Institut EURECOM
Jayant R. Haritsa,
Alex Rousskov, Measurement Factory, USA
Lucy Cherkasova, HP Labs
Jian Yin, IBM TJ Watson
Alec Wolman, MSR
Edith Cohen, AT&T, USA
John Dilley, Akamai
Zheng Zang, Microsoft Asia
If you would like information, or to volunteer, please contact Mae Isaac, mkisaac@us.ibm.com