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Industrial Practice

The Web and Web Technologies are transforming businesses, large and small, both internally and externally. Recommendations from the W3C and other bodies form a standards-based virtual middleware whose implementations are part of the critical IT backbone of many businesses and even industries. At the same time, successes and failures in Industry are provide feedback to these bodies that drives the evolution of those standards.

Where other tracks in this conference look at specific topics from the perspective of research and development, the Industrial Practices Track looks at any of these topics from the perspective of practical experiences. in Industry and other deployers of Web technologies. We seek to bring together technology developers and technology deployers to exchange practices, experiences, and pitfalls.

We are interested in all contributions on all relevant topics, including:

  • Case studies of systems deploying XML, Web Services, Semantic Web and other Web technologies
  • Experiences building commercial and open-source implementations of standards
  • Practical experiences with usability, personalization, and accessibility
  • Lessons learned from integrating standards-based products into existing business processes and systems
  • E-commerce strategies, standards, and experiences
  • Case studies in mobility and wireless access
  • Successes and failures achieving reliability, availability, and scalability
  • Practical experience with security, privacy, and intrusion-protection
  • Experiences with system evolution and maintenance
  • Testing, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Training and education in industry
  • The role of reference implementations (e.g. Jigsaw, Amaya, XMLTidy)
  • Interoperability obstacles and successes
  • Case studies highlighting the need for new standards
If you would like information, or to volunteer, please contact Mae Isaac, mkisaac@us.ibm.com