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Refereed Papers Track

  • Applications
  • The Web continues to be used in increasingly innovative ways. While other areas of the WWW2004 refereed papers track focus on specific application areas (such as mobile computing or multimedia) or core infrastructure (such as performance and reliability), the Applications area considers novel Web applications not specifically covered by other areas.

    The Applications area particularly encourages contributions that are specific to an application domain, yet have high impact and value to a large audience. We seek submissions describing broadly applicable concepts, methods, tools, and systems, and that make clear how others can learn from a specific application.

    The relevant topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

    • Components and distributed objects on or for the Web
    • Content distribution
    • Distributed authoring and versioning
    • Distributed Web services
    • Embedded Web applications
    • Grid computing on the Web
    • Impact of the Web on industrial sectors or practices
    • Instant messaging and other synchronous collaboration applications and services
    • Practice and experience in general
    • Ubiquitous computing and Internet appliances
    • Virtual reality on the Web
    • Web-based agent applications
    • Web-based application servers
    • Web-based collaboration
    • Web-based management/control/configuration of systems
    • Web-based peer-to-peer applications
    • Web-based proxy services
    If you would like information, or to volunteer, please contact Mae Isaac, mkisaac@us.ibm.com