WWW2007: CFP
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Industrial Practice and Experience

Here is a one-page printable PDF version of the CFP for this track.

Building robust systems and services that are deployed on the Web or that make use of Web data present a series of interesting challenges to practitioners. Such challenges range broadly from appropriately scaling algorithms to Web-scale data, to dealing effectively with large numbers of distributed users, to robustly operating in adversarial situations where intentional misinformation (e.g., cloaking, spamming, etc.) is provided on the Web. In many cases, adequately addressing such practical issues can make critical differences in the viability and ultimate success of a Web-based system.

The Industrial Practice and Experience track invites submissions reporting on research and development addressing practical issues encountered in developing Web-based systems. This includes both theoretical and applied research on a variety of topics, a representative (but, by no means exhaustive) sampling of which includes:

  • Adversarial challenges in Web-based systems, such as denial of service attacks, spoofing, etc.
  • Web spam, cloaking, and/or other forms of misinformation
  • Issues of data integrity and reliability
  • Harnessing user interaction data in Web services
  • Using Web data to enhance other (potentially non-Web-based) systems
  • Novel methods and modifications to existing algorithms to allow them to deal effectively with Web-scale data
  • Computing platforms and architectures for Web services and Web data analysis
  • Lessons learned (both positive and negative) from running Web-based systems, including (but not limited to), search engines, Web-based gaming and streaming services, and social networking portals.
  • General issues in the research, development and/or deployment of successful Web applications

Paper formatting requirements are provided on the submissions page.

Track Chair: Mehran Sahami (Google, USA)

Deputy Chair: Kobus van der Merwe (AT&T Labs - Research, USA)

Program Committee

  • Nikos Anerousis (IBM Research, USA)
  • Eric Brill (Microsoft Research, USA)
  • Mayur Datar (Google, USA)
  • Ashutosh Garg (Google, USA)
  • Rayid Ghani (Accenture Labs, USA)
  • Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research, USA)
  • Ravi Kumar (Yahoo! Research, USA)
  • Yunhao Liu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China)
  • Omid Madani (Yahoo! Research, USA)
  • Z. Morley Mao (University of Michigan, USA)
  • Vibhu Mittal (Google, USA)
  • Andrew W. Moore (Queen Mary, University of London, UK)
  • Richard Mortier (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK)
  • Jan Pedersen (Yahoo!, USA)
  • Dan Pei (AT&T Research, USA)
  • Yin Zhang (University of Texas at Austin, USA)