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Internet Monetization

The Web has become as a major economic phenomenon, acting both as a conduit for traditional endeavours such as business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce, and as an arena for specific economic activities such as Web advertising, digital payment systems, and bandwidths provisioning. The WWW track on Internet Monetization is a forum for theoretical and applied research related to web-specific economic activities. The track will be interdisciplinary in nature. Relevant topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Advertising infrastructure: tools, platforms, networks, exchanges, automation, audience intelligence
  • Computational advertising: sponsored search, content match, graphical ads delivery, auctions, targeting
  • Digital payment systems
  • Economic approaches to spam/fraud control
  • Economics aspects of online reviews, reputations, and ratings
  • Economics of information/digital goods
  • Economics aspects of user privacy, data value, and control
  • Electronic markets
  • Intellectual property and digital rights management
  • Internet auctions, markets, and exchanges
  • Machine learning, data mining, search, auction theory, and user modeling as they relate to Internet monetization
  • Monetizing digital media, user generated content, and the social web
  • Monetizing the mobile Web
  • Network neutrality and network pricing
  • ROI framework and management tools
  • User Experience Design aspects of Web Monetization mechanisms
  • User behaviour analysis and web analytics for e-commerce

Paper formatting requirements are provided on the Submission page.

Track Chairs

  • Andrei Broder, Yahoo! Inc, USA
  • Ying Li, Microsoft, USA

Program Committee

  • Deepak Agarwal (Yahoo! Research, USA)
  • Eric Billingsley (Ebay, USA)
  • Joan Feigenbaum (Yale University, USA)
  • Anindya Ghose (NYU, USA)
  • Arpita Ghosh (Yahoo! Research, USA)
  • Jason Hartline (Northwestern University, USA)
  • Ralf Herbrich (Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK)
  • Thomas Hofmann (Google, Switzerland)
  • Tao Hong (BaiDu, China)
  • Geoff Hulten (Microsoft Corporation, USA)
  • Mike Moran (IBM Research, USA)
  • Moni Naor (Weizmann, Israel)
  • Noam Nissan (Jerusalem/Google, Israel)
  • Yan Qu (Advertising.com, USA)
  • Robert Ragno (Medio, USA)
  • AC Surendran (Microsoft Adlabs, USA)