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ACM HTML Production

  1. The entire copyright and permissions statement should be inserted into each paper, so that it displays in the opening screen of the paper. This is done so that local prints will carry the information. The statement should say:
    Copyright is held by the author/owner(s).
    WWW2002, May 7-11, 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
    ACM 1-58113-449-5/02/0005.

  2. Individual papers are not paginated as in the printed volume. However, the papers must be sequenced (following the corresponding print volume, if one was produced), and use the naming convention:


    Example: a3-van_der_plass.html

    See the section below titled, "Naming Files and Directories" for additional information.

  3. If a submission includes more than a single HTML file of the paper, all files must be together in one directory. Multiple subdirectories should not be used-- all files should be in the same main level directory. The directory names should follow the naming convention used for the papers:


    Example: a3-van_der_plass

    Note: It is the responsibility of the conference to make sure that ALL necessary supplementary files are forwarded to ACM. It is critical that all figures, article text components, etc. are included. In addition, authors of submissions incorporating supplemental materials must advise ACM of any proprietary rights associated with these files. If third-party permission is required to publish and distribute the supplemental material, an appropriate release form must accompany the submission.

  4. Hyperlinks within the paper and to related files must follow a strict naming structure:

    1. Use relative addresses and named anchors to link sections of the same file.


      In addition to the many algorithms available, there are also <a href="#other_list">other methods</a> . . .

      <a name="other_list">Additional Resources</a>

    2. Since the HTML files may be downloaded to the user's computer for viewing, absolute pathnames must be used for all hyperlinks between the main paper files and the supplemental files to work. The hyperlinks must take the form:

      http://www.acm.org/pubs/articles/proceedings/<group>/<volume_bibno>/p1-smith/<related_file_name> <http://www.acm.org/pubs/articles/proceedings/<group>/<volume_bibno>/p1-smith/<related_file_name>>

      where <related_file_name> is the exact name of the file being linked to.

      Please contact your Program Director for the <group> and <volume_bibno> information.

      For additional information on how to name files and directories, please see the section below entitled, "Naming Files and Directories".

    3. Necessary external links must specify the full absolute pathname.

    4. If the volunteer publishers want to build links among the papers in a conference, these should NOT be built in the version of the papers sent to ACM for inclusion in the Digital Library. Inter-article links cannot be supported in the DL.

    5. Do not add navigation links in the articles, instead rely on the client browser's GO BACK feature to return readers to the Table of Contents.

      Note: Inclusion of HTML proceedings in the Digital Library is desirable. However, the experience of SIGs that have prepared HTML files in the past is that it is an extensive, resource intensive effort. Please consult with those SIGs that have already completed an HTML proceedings on the nature and extent of the work.

Naming Files and Directories

  1. All file names must take the form:


    For example: p121-smith.pdf

    where 'p' is for 'page' **; '121' is for the starting page number, (no zero padding!); hyphen is a separator; and 'smith' is the first author's last name, no caps.

    **Note: Use an 'a' instead of the 'p' if there are no page numbers, numbering the papers according to the sequence of presentation, i.e., a1-, a2-, a3-, a4-, etc. instead of using p1-, p2-, p3-, etc.

  2. Use lowercase throughout file names-- DO *NOT* CAPITALIZE.

  3. There are rules for special names:

    1. a hyphenated last name remains hyphenated
      e.g., Wu Yen-Tse -----> yen-tse

    2. a compound last name takes an underscore
      e.g., Robert van Gulik -----> van_gulik

    3. accents in last names are omitted
      e.g., Wolfgang Schr<o with umlaut>der ------> schroder (NOT schroeder)
      or Jean Ren<e with acute> ------> rene (NOT renee)

    4. apostrophes in last names are replaced by an underscore
      e.g., Elizabeth O'Neill -------> o_neill

    5. Retain periods after abbreviated name elements
      e.g. Melissa St. Thomas -------> st._thomas

    6. Drop suffixes from file names
      e.g. Corbin Jones Jr. -------> jones

    Note: Middle names are not used in the filenames. There may be cases that are ambiguous, and you'll have to decide whether a word is a middle name or a piece of the last name.

    For example: Jose Perez Garcia ------> perez_garcia


Last Reviewed: 1/25/02