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10 January 2002 - We've released a new Kivio mp, our premier flowcharting, graphing and vector graphics package for Linux and Windows now has a new release with more features and bug fixes.

Kivio mp is similar to Visio from Microsoft but we go beyond just using stencils to provide generic vector graphic ability as found in Corel Draw that allow you to mix types of images on a page.

this new release adds the ability to:

rotate text
layering for drawings
master reference page
undo/redo actions for add/remove page and layer

Enhancements have been made for printing, more connectors per object, restore connections during undo/redo/cut/copy/past/group/ungroup and various other items.

Prices start at $89.95 which includes Kivio mp and all of our currently available stencils.

08 January 2002 - Quanta Gold is our web development software for Linux and Windows. Quanta Gold is designed for the professional web developer that needs sophisticated project management abilities as well as all the features and hooks that a modern web site needs.

This release is significant for the expanded support of various web languages. The following syntax's are now supported in Quanta Gold:

DTML - Zope
and of course HTML.

Integrated CVS and FTP support and the new Zope and Cold Fusion support make this release especially exciting, be sure to check out a demo.

07 January 2002 - Well this new year has brought even more renewed interest from the media it seems. Dekstoplinux is running an interview with our CEO, Shawn Gordon.

04 January 2002 - Tina Gasperson of Newsforge has written an interesting piece that we are part of, check it out here.

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