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Welcome to Project 2000. "Europe Today", which started as an R&D project back in 1995 has been chosen by 3W Online Group as the main "Project 2000" for development and growth for 2000 and beyond.

Brief description:

Europe Today is currently appointing National and Regional Managers in several European countries and representatives world wide. We are looking for people with an understanding of the travel and tourism sector, with ability to maintain websites and manage sales and marketing on their own territory.

Europe Today features travel and tourist information covering 14 countries so far, including a travel forum, travel articles and contests, which currently attract over 200,000 hits and combined with affiliated sites we attract 700,000 hits per month, equal to about 45,000 individual visits. It is a free service to the public, sponsored by the tourist industry.

National Managers are in charge of all aspects of creating and maintaining a tourist information website covering their own country, as well as managing sales of online advertising and sponsorship packages. Managers are technically independent, but work in close cooperation with the experienced members of the Europe Today team in other countries.

Europe Today provides the framework and concept, the server space, an established flow of traffic and an opportunity to share in the multiple sources of income generated from the site.

Sources of income include:

  • Sponsorship packages for the tourist industry
  • Direct banner advertising sales
  • Automatic banner advertising program
  • Online bookings for flights, hotels and car hire
  • Resort and tour packages
  • Other online and offline sales
  • HTML authoring and web design for clients

National Managers are paid generous commissions on sales of sponsorship packages and banner advertising for the country concerned. Commissions on online sales vary, depending on the product or service. While some sales may be generated online purely because of the presence of the service, we might add that most sales do require a personal effort.

In addition, we appoint local or regional representatives, who are working with the National Manager and are paid a percentage of the the National Manager's commission. on sales. This also applies to countries outside Europe, where the target markets are tour operators with European destinations and tourist office representations.

There is no fee to join our team, nor any ongoing charges, but it is not free - each Manager pays his own local expenses, and we do require the Managers to demonstrate a serious commitment.

To get started we provide HTML templates, registration and other support, but each Manager is expected to provide and maintain the content of the national or regional website. On an ongoing basis we offer well tuned efficient online provisioning methods via web, FTP and email, which means low communications costs, frequent updates on business matters and online support. Some of the communication routines can be automated, and if you have an established travel business, the Europe Today provisioning methods are easy to adapt.

Team members can work from home location anywhere in the world, but will be expected to participate in teamwork and workshops from time to time at our village in a pleasant location in the South of France. We look forward to be hearing from you should you be interested. You can retrieve this information and a pre-screening form at

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