Western Music's Development

Music comes from all generations and from all races. Each country, each race, each generations, has its own music. The music of a particular country or society differs depending on their culture and history. Music is an expression of feelings, it can also be a portrayer of hope and dream, and it can also be a history teller, a treasured ritual, and many things alike. Music serves many purposes and is highly important for any individual. In the present, famous genres includes metal, pop, rock, reggae, among others. These genres are not the foundation of music but merely genres extracted from those genres which came before them, music that were founded and developed ages and ages hence.

Western Music was founded a long time ago. It was also based on the common folk music of the country where it came from. Western Music went through a process of changing before it became what it is now and before we discovered the genres of music that we are now enjoying.


MEDIEVAL MUSIC (476 A.D. TO 1400 A.D.) - Middle Ages Music




BAROQUE MUSIC (1600 A.D. TO 1750 A.D.)


CLASSICAL MUSIC (1750 A.D. TO 1820 A.D.)


ROMANTIC MUSIC (1820 A.D. TO 1900 A.D.)


MODERN MUSIC (1900 A.D. TO 1960 A.D.)





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