Creating A Little Valentine Romance

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Creating A Little Valentine Romance

Creating A Little Valentine Romance
By Jayne Fisher

This Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to incorporate a little romance into your life. It's not as difficult as you might think!

Romance - those moments of pleasure and passion that writers write about and singers sing out. It is no understatement in the fact that it is difficult to fit romance into our jam-packed lifestyles; one that includes overwhelming professional responsibilities and never ending mommy tasks. And yet, what is more satisfying than a little romance? Knowing that you are wanted as a woman and not just as the most accomplished executive or the most applauded super mom - is as important for your own self-esteem as it is to your relationships.

Romantic Indulgence: To create great romance, I recommend that you begin with a little self-indulgence. Find some time for yourself. Break away from all of lifes demands that you heap upon yourself. Just an hour or two can change your mood. Think about your wants and needs. Treat yourself to your own special extravagance. Lounge around in a long bath, buy frilly new underwear, stay in bed for an extra hour, enjoy an unhurried massage, or slowly devour expensive chocolates - you choose - it's your indulgence, the prelude to romance. Schedule the time you need to "get away" for a while and don't let anything interrupt. Your renewed self will thank you for the effort, and your family and friends will comment on your serenity.

Romantic Menu: Plan a romantic dinner for two that practically makes itself. This way, you can enjoy the evening with your significant other. Start by chilling a good bottle of champagne. It's amazing how a sip or two of great bubbly makes even the riskiest culinary experiment - just a little more appetizing. Start with a warm soup that can be made days ahead and reheated just before serving. A leafy salad is assembled on individual plates and chilled in the refrigerator to serve after the soup. Warm rolls appear in a napkin-lined basket straight from the low temperature oven. Think of a one pot supper, which simmers for hours filling the room with a come hither aroma. The exquisite finale - a decadent flourless chocolate torte that is made the day ahead - or better yet, purchased from the very best bakery.

Romantic Mood: Make use of candlelight and flowers - everywhere. Your most beautiful crystal bowl holds floating candles and rose petals. Deep red roses lay across each carefully arranged place setting. Pillar candles set on mirrored trays illuminate the sideboard. Tea lights dot the tabletop. Add vases of fresh cut flowers around the room. The music is soft, sexy and harmonious as are the plump pillows that you throw on the floor. Getting in the mood yet?

Romantic Reward: By now, you have discovered a plan to bring a little romance back into your life. Modest self-indulgence is the foundation to a warm, caring and satisfying evening with your special someone. All of the sudden you realize that your day to day responsibilities sit comfortably on the back burner next to your lap top and palm pilot. You are invigorated and renewed and perhaps not willing to wait for next year's Valentines day to put your new plan into action - once again.

Oh, and do send your love beautiful Love Ecards !

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