Keeping The Scraps Of Romance and Love

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Keeping The Scraps Of Romance

Keeping The Scraps Of Romance
By Gail Kavanagh

One of the most romantic side effects of a severe case of "Love-fluenza" is the souvenirs...

You know, those cinema and show tickets, happy snaps, flower petals, even candy wrappers; all the lovingly gathered memorabilia of the special times you shared together.

Instead of shoving them unceremoniously into an old shoebox, why not turn them into a romantic scrapbook, the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart?

There are many beautiful blank paged books available today for just this kind of project. You can choose one with a beautiful binding, or cover it yourself with romantic gift wrap and clear Contact for durability.

You can use coloured inks in a variety of lovely shades, or try to find a book with black pages, so you can use silver and gold ink pens. This will make even the clumsiest calligraphy look special.

Once you have the basics, gather all your memorabilia together and sort into into piles. Usually it is best to group them according to chronology...your first date, your first trip away together, the first time you met the folks, and so on.

Be creative when it comes to laying out the pages, don't just stick them in and scrawl the date underneath. Group your scraps attractively and leave enough space for some writing.

What to write?

    How about the words to "your song", a special poem or quote that sums up your romance, and of course, all the words of love pouring from your heart as you pore over the pages.

    Don't forget a little humor...your favorite joke, the things that make you both laugh and the most embarrassing moment of your romance.

    How about a page dedicated to the movie you both loved, the meal that was so special, and your favorite romantic hideaway?

    Be as romantic as you like...this is for your lover's eyes only. But if you want to be a bit more specific about those special moments, maybe you should get a book with a little lock and key!

    Wrap your scrapbook beautifully, or place it in its own special box and deliver it to your Valentine on the Day.

There's probably no need to sign it...the giver should be obvious!

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