Romantic Getaways: An Exciting Way to Refresh Your Romance

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Romantic Getaways

Romantic Getaways: An Exciting Way to Refresh Your Romance
By Jayne Fisher

Romantic getaways are an easy, exciting way to keep the romance alive and flourishing in your relationship. With summer just around the corner, now is the time to plan that sweet escape with the one you love.

Romantic vacations are a perfect way of escaping from those daily hassles as well as revitalizing your love life. Nowadays, we all work harder and longer. Our free time has been taken over by kids, chores, and a million and one other activities. As a married couple or even as a new love couple - take the opportunity to get away to relight the romantic fires in your relationship.

For most couples, simply being away from your every day environment is enough to encourage romantic feelings.

Today, over-organized couples can barely make time for one another. However, a romantic getaway offers you a truly refreshing change of pace and space, whether you want to slow things down or even speed them up.

Imagine this. No beds to make. No kids to supervise. No meals to cook. Just a lot of uninterrupted time with your partner to rekindle the spark in your relationship.

Sounds like paradise. So, where to begin?

Romantic Getaway - Start With Communication

Finding out what you both expect and want to create will make the planning of your romantic getaway much easier.

Here are a few basic matters to discuss:

  • Do you want to go around the corner or around the world?
  • Do you want to save or indulge?
  • Do you want sunshine or cool misty days?
  • Do you want to be lively or lazy?
  • Do you want to learn something new that you can enjoy together?
  • What are your romantic getaway dreams and fantasies? Be creative!

Remember, you can turn this romantic getaway into the trip of a lifetime. Taking time to talk about the above can ensure all your dreams are fulfilled.

How to guarantee a perfect romantic getaway?

A perfect romantic getaway doesn't simply happen on its own. It needs to be carefully planned. The better your getaway planning, the better and more delightful and more fun-filled your romantic getaway will be.

Today, thanks to the internet, you can pick and book, a romantic getaway from the comfort and convenience of your own computer. There are thousands of romantic getaway travel packages to choose from. These range from traditional bed-and-breakfast and quaint inns to full service hotels, resorts and urban hideaways. Many of these packages include special services that help create a romantic mood: champagne on arrival, chocolates, flowers, bubble baths and breakfast in bed. Starting to get the idea?

Here are a few things to do to make your romantic getaway turn out as you dreamed it:

Everyone loves a lover!

Let everyone know you are on a romantic getaway. Tell your travel agent, all the airline personnel, hotel receptionists, the cab driver - and his cousin if you like. Keep telling that to everyone as your trip progresses. You'll be surprised at the number of smiles and benefits you'll get from doing this.

Be clear when booking your romantic getaway

Outline your particular needs and interests to the Travel Agent.

  • Let them know what size bed you want. King? Queen?
  • Ask for the airline seats/cruise ship cabins/type of room you want.
  • Learn how you will be getting to your hotel from the terminal. Specify the time of day you would like to leave.
  • Get information on what there is to see and do in your destination

Do your homework. Get in touch with local Tourist Boards for brochures and other information about your destination. Ask about the most romantic restaurants. Find out the most exciting things to see and do, the most wonderful places to go.

Think of a plan for one or two days

A typical plan may well include:

  • Leisurely breakfast in bed
  • A morning tour to see a special historic/cultural/architectural site
  • A picnic on the beach
  • Windsurfing lessons at the hotel
  • A late afternoon nap
  • A romantic dinner under the stars by the water's edge

You could end up having a gorgeous sunrise breakfast at one of the island's most beautiful hotels, finding the perfect hideaway beach, a shopping spree in all the right stores, dining in the most exquisite restaurants and dancing in places with sensational views!

What to take on your romantic getaway:

So, now you're all booked and ready to go. What do you take with you on your romantic rendezvous? What do you pack? Well, there are all the obvious items we take wherever we go. Absolutely essential is an alluring outfit for that romantic dinner - if you're not ordering room service - and definitely something seductive to "slip into" after dinner; scented candles for creating the right atmosphere; as well as an assortment of soothing lotions and bath gels, all of which will help to "heighten the mood."

Mini romantic getaways

Sometimes, a short weekend away can end up being just as refreshing as a longer vacation since there is much less preparation and travel time. With minimal planning, you can get to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating trip that will leave you full of energy and enthusiasm with which to start a new week. Better than that, feeling loved and pampered!

Ready to get away from it all?

Now may be the perfect time to start planning your romantic spring or summer vacation. But alternatively, you might simply choose to pack up and head off on a crazy lovers' whim. That would be fun too. With holidays just over the horizon - together with all the associated stress - now is an ideal time to do some romantic getaway dreaming.
Dont wait - start planning today!

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