Recipe for a Romantic Christmas Together

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Recipe for a Romantic Christmas Together

By Kate M. DImperio

Cue soft, romantic music, warm candlelight dancing across tabletops, clinking of wine glasses with a tasty libation, a cozy, gently crackling fire with hues of yellows, oranges, reds and blues.

Whether it's Christmas Eve with the one you love or an after Christmas moment when you both have time to spend solely in each others company, this recipe for romance will truly set the mood for a quiet and amorous evening.

Recipe for a Romantic Christmas Together:

Gather the following:

    - Firewood and kindling
    to create a cozy environment

    - Sensuous candles
    to tease the senses

    - Soft, romantic music by which
    to dance, relax or cuddle

    - Flavorful wine
    to share over a mouth-watering dinner and delectable dessert

    - Savory seafood entrees, chicken, beef or pasta dishes
    to share together for a very special dining experience

    - Hot chocolate and marshmallows, coffee or tea
    to chase away the winter chills

    - Tantalizing desserts pies, tarts, cakes and pastries -
    to tease and tempt you

    - A fancy dress or classy outfit that will
    light a spark within your sweetheart

    - Soft blankets and fluffy pillows
    for a little catnap if you so desire

    - A sprig of mistletoe
    to garner yourself a passionate kiss

Steps for a Romantic Christmas Together:

  • Take in the spirit of your painstakingly decorated abode. Enjoy the holiday spirit and bask in the beauty of your domicile.
  • Set a table in shades of red and green, gold or blues and silvers. Select a scented candle that compliments the mood and hold hands from across the table, gazing into each others eyes. You are as in love as you were when you first fell.
  • Enjoy a sumptuous meal that one of you has lovingly cooked for the other, or take a lazy, carefree and modern approach by ordering take-out from a classy establishment. (Hint: Do not eat out of the Styrofoam containers!)
  • Take a few minutes to yourselves after the meal concludes and rest before welcoming dessert.
  • Enjoy a luscious glass of wine with your meal and/or your dessert. Share cocktails or warm beverages after the meal and dessert have concluded.
  • As the fire crackles, wrap yourselves together in a soft blanket, or simply each others arms, on the couch while romantic music plays in the background.
  • Convince your loved one to get up and dance slowly to the sounds surrounding you.
  • Slyly guide your honey over to the mistletoe dangling above your doorway.
    Let the magic of the holidays come alive within you both and make this a Christmas you will never forget.

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