Sunset Thoughts

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Sunset Thoughts

Author: Copyright John H Seddon

Sat on a sea wall gazing over crystal ocean sparkling and blue,
With thoughts, heart and pen in hand trying to write to you.
Seagulls calling, wind rushing, waves crashing and pounding,
The scratch of my pen and the beat of a lonely heart resounding.

Minutes turn to hours writing as the sun falls from the sky,
Wishing you were here with me now, need you ask me why?
The sea soft and warm rolling, glittering golden red orange hue,
A red carpet laid before me, a wish to pass my thoughts to you.

Our own star descending below distant horizon rays bending,
Sky painted dark blue, violet, pink, orange and red blending.
Bright stars appear one by one, which one shall I choose?
A distant ray of hope to ease the pain of missing you blues.

Walking through the surf, waves rolling in, tears rolling down,
Letters are washed clean by the waves, blue ink stains drown.
Written words are not good enough to express how I feel inside,
What can I do?, I really need you right here with me by my side.

Another sunset alone walking along this windswept shore,
It's not fair to be so far from you in this true amoure'
I search my mind to recall your beautiful face and smile,
Just to have a few precious moments with you for a while.

My salty tears washed away by sea spray and icy breeze,
Waves breaking around my feet, I drop onto my knees.
Wind whistling around my ears I call out your name,
Only to be swept away by the wild driving rain.

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Author's Note:

I wrote this poem whilst I sat on a beach at sunset, lonely and sad, longing for someone special to love and share life with. The poem is true story, a real event.

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