Aria of Endearment - Love Poem

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Aria of Endearment

Author: Copyright 2004 Diane Anjoue

I awake to find you toiling at this raw hour,
trading dire sustenance for veiled solitude.
A small feast of love and encouragement,
the utmost I can offer across this compass.
Allow me leave to observe as you go about your day;
I'll remain steadfast, offering inspiration if you lag behind.
When I notice the slowing of your weary hands,
the leaden dip of your head, as if in defeat;
I will urge you to rest with me for a spell.
Lay your golden head upon my chest
listen to the steady thrill of love's song.
I rest my cheek upon your crown
And whisper to you - My heart is within you.

Each penned sentiment shared together,
laden with tenderness and honesty.
Line upon line, our hearts singing
the glorious praises of new found love.
Our minds aligned to the course set by our Maker,
balancing the passions against the torments.
It is love turmoil and love ecstasy all in one.
It is pain and yet joyous, so distant and yet so near.
I sit thinking about how my heart is breaking
yet overflowing with yearning to come home.
Tears pool in my eyes and cloud my sight, as
you take my hand across the heavens, drawing me close
As you whisper to me - You are the love of my heart.

Long lost pleasures gathered to my breast.
Simple treasures once lost in a complicated life,
now found burning in your laughing blue eyes.
I feel that I'm looking in a mirror, I'm a reflection of you.
When the light of your day is finally exhausted,
take comfort in my devout presence, ever faithful.
Our journey thru lifes movement, partnered to the grave.
Our words and thoughts connected and welded
into a ring of solid gold with a diamond set atop.
Upon our rest, in dreams that no longer equate reality,
we'll sustain the amaranthine love that will take us thru
another day's arduous journey on the morrow.
Wrap me in your love and know I am in love with you.

Copyright is property of the above author. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

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