Magical Properties of Gemstones and Crystals

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Magic of Gemstones and Crystals

Magical Properties of Gemstones and Crystals
By Joanne Elliott

It is believed that certain gemstones and crystals have magical properties with astonishing implications for love and life. If you wear a crystal pendant near your heart for at least 21 days, you will begin to emulate the properties of that particular rock. The vibrations emitted from the individual crystal will lead to a higher level of positivity. It is said that this positive energy will attract your soul mate like a magnet, heal the wounds of past relationships, and bind friendships forever.

Here is a quick guide to the properties of different gemstones and crystals:

* For Love

The Rose quartz is pink in color, and is known as the Ultimate love stone. It dispels negative emotional states including gloom, despondency, and possessiveness, whilst promoting harmonious relationships. The rose quartz gives the wearer the power of their emotions and opens heart for love- even if the individual has problems giving or receiving it. This gemstone is very calming and loving, giving softness to hardened hearts and teaching a broken heart to trust again. The rose quartz instills the ability for love to conquer all.

* For Transformation

Malachite is forest green in color, and is known as the Stone of transformation. Malachite clears the heart of past experiences by unblocking and absorbing negative energy. It gives the courage to dispel fear in relationships, and the self-knowledge to be more tolerant, loyal, and practical. The properties of Malachite allow the wearer to break free of self-denial and helps them to avoid repeating old love patterns. It also promotes responsibility and fidelity in partnerships.

* To Heal

The Amethyst is of Royal purple coloring, and is known as The master healer. It purifies negative emotions and acts as a protective balance through trauma transitions. The flexibility, peace, and calm co-operation which the Amethyst elicits are reflected in all aspects of spiritual growth. Therefore, the Amethyst will help the wearer to love again and again.

* For Love and Endurance

The red Ruby is an ancient love stone of love and endurance. Its focus on the heart encourages romantic love, and promotes the ideal relationship. The ruby also releases disorientated or trapped love, and protects heart from suffering. This gemstone promotes the attainment of love objectives including health, happiness, wealth, and spiritual knowledge. The ruby can enhance dreams and attract great wealth.

* To Raise Self-Esteem

The Carnelian is a vibrant orange stone which is said to increase levels of self-esteem. The Carnelian turns feelings of sadness, inadequacy and low self worth to initiative, enthusiasm and positivity. This stone is best used for recovery after rejection and to ready the emotions for forthcoming vibrant sexuality!

* For Clear Thinking

Clear quartz is known as The abundance crystal. It is alleged that the clear quartz channels creative thoughts into reality and provides a balance of harmony in life, health, and spirituality. It also leads to clearer, more logical thinking and lucid dreams. The clear quartz amplifies energy more than any other, so be careful what wish for you might just get it!

* For Prosperity

The Emerald is an intense green color, and is known as The prosperity stone. This ancient love stone is said to retain properties which soften arrogance, and promote co-operation, particularly within busy family environments. The emerald cools an angry heart, whilst promoting divine love and peace. It dispels negative thoughts, and reawakens harmonious domestic loyalty in a practical sense. The prosperity stone will help to preserve love as it matures into a long-term relationship.

* For Fidelity

Jade is the pale green stone of fidelity. It provides peace, harmony, and tranquility through emotional turmoil, and can protect love from straying. This gemstone promotes self worth and sufficiency, allowing the wearer to build dreams into reality. Its merits are well known in Asia in aiding emotional soothing and protecting health. It is even said that Jade has the power to add a warm glow to the skin.

* For Less Stress The Anti-stress stone Hematite is grey in coloring. When polished, Hematite looks like shiny steel. It offers emotional support to new love, and protects the heart from small problems which often occur at the beginning of relationships. The shiny surface of the rock reflects negativity, reduces stress, and helps to ground love energy so that it doesnt fly away when challenged.

Joanne Elliott is an international freelance writer and illustrator involved in several different areas. Enquiries welcome:

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