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Gifts on a Budget

Gifts on a Budget - Say a Lot, Spend a Little!
By Kathryn D'Imperio

Times are tough and money is tight anymore, so this article is designed to help you give meaningful gifts at a minimal investment. The first steps are to determine exactly what your budget is, and secondly, who is receiving the gift.

No Budget Great ideas for gifts when you dont have a dime to your name

-- Write a Poem for your loved oneyou can immortalize a person, a memory or a moment with a string of words. This sentimental motion will not be easily forgotten.
Love poems for your inspiration.

-- If you are musically inclined, Compose a Song for the recipient! There is no feeling in the world quite like hearing a song and knowing you were in the mind of the composer.

-- Using materials you already have, Create a Painting, or sketch or draw a picture/portrait for your friend or loved one.

-- Film a Fun Video! Make your memories and laughs will last a lifetime.

-- Create a Custom Coupon BookletInclude such luxuries as a back rub, night without the kids ... use your imagination!

Minimal Budget Cool Creations and Ideas when you have a few bucks to spare

-- If you have MS Power Point and a CD burner, Make a Slideshow with special picturesplay around with it and have fun. It is actually quite easy to add music in the background- so put your own soundtrack to your memories! (A dollar, give or take, depending on the cost of the CD)

-- A Hand-made, Decorated Photo Frame is a thoughtful giftespecially after a recent special event or fun gathering in which you were both present. My friend gave me a frame she decorated herself in a Halloween theme with a picture of us in our costumes.

-- Crafty Little Extras Purchase inexpensive votive holders and design them as you wish, using the recipients favorite colors.

-- Bake Cookies or Desserts for your special person who can turn down homemade sweets!?

Just A Budget For those extra-special people who make us want to spend our money!

-- Date-in-a-Box! Snag a gift card to the local movie rental, pick up a box of microwave popcorn and some movie theater style candy and you are all set!

-- Play Chef for the Night Make a special dinner of your loved ones favorite meal, complete with candlelight, wine and dessert if you can manage it!

-- Learn a craft really well and show off your skills... crochet or knit a blanket, sweater or scarfor practice the art of glass painting and pick up some stained glass paints and a glass beer mug, vase, or item of your choice. Personalize as you desire and voila! You have a beautiful gift that will last and remind them of you for ages.

-- Create a Scrapbook for your special recipientit doesnt have to be anything elaborate, or you could spice it up as much as you want. Sometimes I use old construction paper and magazine clippings, and other times stickers and special materials from a craft store. For a really low budget scrapbook, check out the dollar store for mini-scrapbooks and add your own special touches.

Sometimes the most sentimental gifts cost very little or nothing at all. The time and care you pour into a gift for a loved one says more than your charge slip or next bank statement. In fact, some of the most treasured items are so special due to your understanding of the person i.e. how well you know him or her.
For example, I recently learned to crochet, and my very first real project was a present for my boyfriends birthday. I handcrafted a blanket for him in the colors of the Philadelphia Flyers, and I even figured out how to crochet the logo and numbers of all the players on the team. He tells me all the time it is his most cherished possession.
It really showed me how much he appreciates me and my time and effortand most often, effort, time and thoughtfulness are more important than the price tag!

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