First Date - Excitement and Intimacy of First Dates

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First Date

Adventure, Excitement and Intimacy for First Dates of All Kinds
By Kathryn D'Imperio

The most nerve-wracking few moments of a new relationship are arguably the last few moments before your first date begins. When you barely know someone or even when youve known that person for a long time but decide to take things to a new level, the first date can be stressful, intimidating and awkward. But it doesnt have to be! Check out these pointers for fun-filled first dates of all kindsyoull be so busy enjoying yourself that youll forget to be nervous!

First Dates for the Adventurer
If you find yourself having a hard time sitting still for more than five minutes, these date location options may be just right for you. If active is your lifestyle and energetic is your middle name, try these on for size when your interest lies in someone of similar interests.

Grab some bikes and go mountain biking or for a leisurely trip through the park, throw a pack together and go backpacking, hiking or horseback riding along a scenic trail, or head off to the nearest amusement park. Excitement in the water is sure to ensue if you opt to go tubing, jet skiing, or paddle boating. For a slightly more romantic first date: go sail boating!

First Dates for the Athlete
Foster a little healthy competition with your new love interest and challenge him or her to a grueling tennis match, a few rounds of golf, or have a good old-fashioned catch with a baseball. Need more exertion than that? Consider going for a tour of the town on rollerblades or find a parking lot and grab a crate, a ball and two hockey sticks and see who can score the most goals. Chances are youll both drop the gloves in no time!

Is the chance of rain threatening your outdoor festivities? No mattertake your competitive spirits inside and shoot some pool, throw some darts or indulge in some video games. Who says youre too old to have a good time at the arcade?

Sophisticated First Dates
Care to swap some intellectual tidbits or compare tastes in fine art and history? You can learn a lot more about a person by spending some time together at a museum or an art gallery. Figure out what he or she likes, and perhaps you can even use your own artistic talent to create a work of art as a surprise on a future date with this person.

Another option for a more refined first date: Accompany one another to a natural or historical landmark in or near your community. Immerse yourselves in the natural wonders of a nearby park or other local attraction.

First Dates for the Chatterboxes
Catching a flick together may not be your best bet if you genuinely want to get to know your date right awayinstead, consider a picnic followed by a canoe ride. Your date will be impressed with the delicious food you provide, and the two of you can enjoy some conversation while trying not to tip the canoe!

As the warmer months roll in, think cool and hit up a local ice cream joint for some delectable frozen delights. Now go burn off some calories with a relaxing stroll through the park, around the lake, along the shoreline or by whatever wondrous natural locales await you.

First Dates for Shy Girls and Guys
Sometimes hitting it off with your date right away is a bit tricky when your personality is on the shyer side. If your date is also a bit timid, a great way to get the two of you gabbing in no time is to go out and do something together that will give you conversation material for hours.

Some great icebreakers: Catch a movie together and then go grab some dessert or coffee. Compare musical tastes and meet somewhere in the middlego see a concert and youll be stoked the whole ride home. If you both enjoy sports, or better yet, if you both cheer for the same sports teams, try to catch a game together. Your enthusiasm will definitely become contagious and you will both have a great time.

Traditional and Standby First Dates
Dinner and a movie is a no-fail option for a successful first date, though it can be a bit awkward if you do not know the person very well. Perhaps a better option is to go out for some miniature golf and Italian water ice or ice cream after you battle each other to the 18th hole!

Another alternative that provides a better opportunity to actually get to know your date is a trip to the ice-skating rink or simply rollerblading or bike riding along the boardwalk or a non-busy road. Additionally, if you like the dinner and a movie idea but you dont want to fall into cookie-cutter first date syndrome, order up some Chinese take-out, a pizza, or whatever kind of food you can agree upon and rent a couple of flicks. A night in with the freedom to stop the movie at any time to talk is a great advantage to the imminent silence of movie theatres!

Any of these first date options will give you a great starting point with your date, but dont limit yourselves. If one of you feels moved to hop in the car and hit the beach at two in the morning and the other is up for it, by all means live with a safe spirit of adventure! As you learn more about each other, the dates will come and go until you have been seeing your sweet one for so long that your outings dont even seem like dates anymore. Do not stress out about the first, second or third dates simply relax and enjoy yourselves, and the rest should all fall into place.

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