Can Fantasy Become Reality?

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Can Fantasy Become Reality?

Can Fantasy Become Reality?
By Kathryn D'Imperio

What do you think about when you close your eyes just before you go to sleep? And when your mind begins to wander at work or at school?

Those daydreams you have from time to time are actually fantasies, by another name. The imagination provides limitless potential for all your heart's desires to come together into these fantasies. Aspirations of becoming a professional athlete, a model, an actor, actress, or a rock star all fit this ticket. The perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, your long-awaited wedding day, and other romantic fantasies also reserve special places in your mind. Even if your longings are not that momentous in the grand scheme of things, such as going on a spectacular vacation or becoming especially skilled at a sport or hobby, your daydreams allow your mind to live out a perfect scenario.

Young girls often begin dreaming up their weddings at ages as early as 12 to 14 years old, if not sooner. It is very likely that they may even have their bridal party and color scheme chosen before targeting their potential mate! Girls are romantic creatures by nature, and thrive on love and amorous thoughts.

Meanwhile, boys tend to think about sports, and often imagine themselves in key roles, Olympic contenders, professional athletes, or critical goal or point-scorers. It is rare to find a boy who is already thinking of his wedding at such a young age. Women tend to dream about the future, while many boys and men are more concerned with the present and making the most of it!

Fame and fortune also feed into fantasies. Many people crave a few moments in the limelight, whether by acting, modeling or performing in general. A hobby such as playing an instrument or singing can fuel these desires, and can sometimes even push the individual to his or her full potential. Being named Homecoming Queen, Team Captain or a lead role in a theater production are also possibilities of fantasies. The best way to make this sort of fantasy come true is through hard work and dedication!

Dreams of freedom can also occur for many people and that freedom could range from freedom from worry, responsibility and stress to the ultimate freedom: the ability to do Whatever You WANT!

Finally, the universal fantasy: a match made in heaven with a soul mate. Doubtless, the flawless relationship has crossed all of our minds at least once or twice. Mr. or Mrs. Perfect falls at our feet, we fall madly in love and voila! We are married, living in a beautiful home with a white picket fence, an in ground pool, two young kids and a dog.
Or maybe that isn't your ideal fantasy. Whatever the case, having a special someone with whom to share the daily occurrences of life can make all the difference.

This perfect person could be extremely attractive, athletic, polite, intelligent, and very similar to you. He or she could also be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Perhaps it is someone you know, someone youve yet to meet, or someone famous that everyone knows from the big screen. From a prom date, to a significant other, to a marital partner, romantic fantasies top the charts.

Are these daydreams and fantasies healthy and indicative of a good lifestyle? Surethey encourage one to work toward his or her greatest talents and efforts, to dream big and to make things happen. Does the time and place of these fantasies matter? Not so much, but to a degreeletting the mind wander here or there can be a motivating factor if it isnt in complete excess.

The probability of these fantasies actually coming true is relative to each fantasy itself. If you already know your dream guy or girl, approach him or her and express your interest. Get to be friends and see if sparks fly; it is better to take a chance than to forever wonder what-if and live the fantasy in your mind alone.

A fully paid shopping spree, the perfect date, any number of imaginable thoughts can motivate their dreamer to work toward success and fulfillment of those fantasies. Keeping a fantasy in the back of your mind will give you something to think about when you need a driving force behind you, or something to simply give you a secret smile!

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