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Good books tend to give readers much imagination and also use that as a selling point. The writers of such books tend to make readers feel like the book they are reading is a biography of the life they live even though it is not. Speaking of writers, below are ten women writers whose books you should be sure to read.

Adrienne Rich

She is among the famous female authors and seen to be a renowned feminist. She often writes poetry on love. She had published so many books and top-notch love poems.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

She is a Nigerian writer who is ranked among the best female authors of our time. She is mainly known for publishing the book titled "Americanah," which told the tales of her experiences moving from Nigeria to America for education purposes.

Edwidge Danticat

She is a writer who is well known among the American female authors for her touching themes of mother and daughter relationships. She expresses the bond which mothers and daughters possess so much that people end up crying while reading her books. One of her famous novels is titled breath, eyes, memory. You should read it.

Isabel Wilkerson

Isabel Wilkerson is a journalist but is also known as an American female author who interviewed a thousand people for 15 years while researching her book "The Warmth of Other Suns." Isabel, with this nonfictional literature, expresses migration on an epic scale.

Jane Jacobs

she is among the impactful women writers. Her work made an effect on the viewpoints and opinions of the public towards surrounding urban areas, and despite being a female in a male dominating urban planning world, her piece of writing is still a frequently used text in the field.

Joan Didion

This American female author reshaped the opinion which the public had towards writers. Her keen skill of observation and unique style makes her truly unique. The endurance of her books, even when grouped with top writers, has been astounding since her first book of over 50 years, which is titled "Slouching Towards Bethlehem."

Lydia Davis

Lydia is among the women writers who often write short stories. She attracts the readers with her precise and accurate languages and draws their attention to clusters of lives that have been overlooked or seemed mundane to the public. You want to see or experience people's lives from another viewpoint. Her book "Collected Stories" is a must-read then.

Margaret Atwood

She is known for her talent to convey the entirety of her characters. Loved by readers as well as critics alike, she has been able to publish over 40 literature texts with poetry inclusive, and her works are known to bring out vivid details.

Mary Shelly

A big talent among women writers. She is known for publishing the original book titled "Frankenstein." She published her first book at age 20, and this text, in particular, is known to be far more luxurious than the legacy which it gave out.

Susan Sonata

She is seen as an all-rounder. This expression means that she writes good plays, stories as well as novels. Most readers and critics find it difficult to narrow down her collections to show her works.

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