Courting in the Victorian Era - an On-line Guide

Dating as they say is a form of getting to know each other. But what is the proper approach to dating? How do we ask someone for a date? Is it necessary that it should be the male who should ask the female? A lot of questions come to place when we talk about dating. Dating and how it was done differs from culture to culture or from race to race. There are countries where it is okay for the female to be asking the male out or to court him, there are also some cultures which prohibit dating on ages below the minimum age range, other cultures allow dating someone you just met and there are other cultures which find this overbearing.

The approach to dating or courting does not only vary to culture or race; the biggest factor that changes the approach to dating is TIME. In the present, we are more likely liberated that most of the population thinks that courting can be done by anyone to anyone. Today, courting can be done by texting, by chatting, and simply by talking. There was also a time where courting should be done through serenading, or through hard labor. How about during old times? How was dating/courting done during the Victorian Era?









  • Class - Poor is for Poor, Rich is for Rich
  • Rules - How courtship should be
  • Etiquette - How a Man and a Woman Should Act



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